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During the Season of Creation, people of faith are participating in the Big Shift campaign. It’s a united effort to urge the World Bank to phase out support for fossil fuels by 2020, and to phase in support for renewable energy instead.

More information about the Big Shift campaign can be found here.

Here are ways you can be part of this movement:

  1. Email your colleagues, networks and partners urging them to join the letter-writing campaign bigshiftglobal.org
  2. Promote the Big Shift on your website homepage and urge people to take the campaign action. Use the Big Shift logo with this proposed text (or use your own words):

    Join the Big Shift! Click here to send a message to your World Bank Executive Director calling on the Bank to stop financing the exploration, extraction and burning of coal, oil and gas altogether and to invest 100% of its energy portfolio in renewable energy instead.

  3. Follow and share #WBfundRE on Twitter and share posts on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bigshiftglobal
  4. View and share the Big Shift Global animated video here
  5. Add this Big Shift email footer to your email’s address

Take the campaign action: www.bigshiftglobal.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigshiftglobal

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