Steps to Organize a Prayer Service for Creation


  1. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance!

  2. Put together a planning team for the service. If you can, reach out to members/leaders of other Christian denominations in your city for it to be an ecumenical service. Here is a sample letter to a Catholic bishop asking for support.

  3. Identify the location and time of the event. We encourage you to hold your event outside in nature, to better connect with creation! The date of this event can also take place outside of September 1 if it works better for your group.

  4. Register your event on the Season of Creation global map.

  5. Begin advertising your event through the bulletin, announcements after church service, the website, social media, posters, e-mail lists, and most importantly by making personal invitations. You can find some sample social media memes and downloadable posters here.

  6. Develop the program for your service using any of these Liturgical Resources, Bulletin Announcements and Prayers of the Faithful.

  7. Invite individuals to speak, pray, and facilitate the event making sure to have a diversity of denominations represented if possible.

  8. Develop a list of materials for your event and begin to gather them, including any copies of programs, sign in sheets, food, etc.

  9. Prepare a very clear and concrete call to action for the service attendees, as a follow up of the prayer service; you could use these great action resources.


Right before your event

  1. Call all speakers, and any other people assisting with the event. Some roles to consider are: greeter, photographer, food set up. Confirm all equipment for your event.

  2. Arrive early to set up – give yourself and your team plenty of time to set-up sound equipment, tables, and to post signs directing people to the event.

After your event

  1. Thank everyone involved.

  2. Send a report and pictures of your event to us at
  3. Have another meeting with your planning committee to evaluate your event, celebrate, and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for all the work!



Add your prayer service to the global map by registering it here.