Renew Our World

Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians who fight against the challenges of poverty, inequality and environmental responsibility. read more

Filipino Walk for the Season

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle opened the 2019 Season of Creation celebration in the Philippines with an appeal: “Let us renew our pledge to respect one another and the web of life.” read more

Catholic Schools and Climate Strikes

Catholic school students can stand up for the gospel and for the planet by joining the next Climate Strikes on September 20 and 27. Pope Francis himself calls Catholic youth to participate. read more

European Christians Invited to Celebrate

Leaders from two major European church councils have issued a new joint statement that invites Christians “and every person of goodwill” to celebrate the Season of Creation from September 1 to October 4. read more

Pope Francis on the Season of Creation

Today, Pope Francis made his first official statement promoting the Season of Creation, an annual celebration of prayer and action for creation that is observed by Christians around the globe. read more

Orthodox Creation Day message

This Sunday has been consecrated by the Orthodox Church to be dedicated to the environment. The risk of our planet being transformed into a dangerous hot-house without a ventilator further constitutes a visible threat for all of us. read more

Dora Salvador, Amazon Martyr

Dora Salvador was a nurse, wife, mother, activist and leader of her village community association. But for those bent on exploiting the Amazon, she was only one thing: an enemy who stood in the way of their illegal profits. read more

UK Anglicans prepare for the season

Christians around the world celebrate the Season of Creation in a rich variety of ways. Anglicans call their observance Creationtide, and this year it extends from Sunday, September 8 to Sunday, October 13. read more