Dora Salvador, Amazon Martyr

Dora Salvador was a nurse, wife, mother, activist and leader of her village community association. But for those bent on exploiting the Amazon, she was only one thing: an enemy who stood in the way of their illegal profits. read more

UK Anglicans prepare for the season

Christians around the world celebrate the Season of Creation in a rich variety of ways. Anglicans call their observance Creationtide, and this year it extends from Sunday, September 8 to Sunday, October 13. read more

Webinar on Biodiversity

Christians who commit themselves to creation care are sometimes asked if they have their priorities straight. Does the Gospel’s call to love the world extend only to humans, or all things that God has made? Does doing one mean we can’t do the other? read more

Martyr in the Amazon: Mauro Pío Peña

In the Amazon, powerful financial and criminal interests will stop at nothing to illegally extract resources such as timber and gold from protected lands. Mauro Pío Peña, an Asháninka leader from a jungle community in Peru, paid for this ruthlessness with his life. read more

Martyrs for the Amazon

Late in the month of May eight years ago, a husband and wife who had courageously defended rural people and protected lands were murdered in Brazil. read more

St. Francis Sunday: Progress in Poland

In celebration of St. Francis Sunday, Global Catholic Climate Movement and Caritas Poland launched a groundbreaking series of events in Poland. The events, called an “ecological awakening,” were carried out simultaneously in four cities: Kraków, Gdańsk, Poznań, and...

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