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✔ Please, before organizing an event, get informed on the current regulations regarding COVID-19 in your area. Respect the safety protocols necessary to fight the pandemic.

✔ Plan well.

✔ Gather wide support

✔ Make sure others are aware of the event

✔ Follow-up after you successful event is held

Learn more about hosting an impactful Season of Creation event in this year’s celebration guide

Featured Events

  • Season of Creation Webinar: A Just Transition for North America
  • 10/1/2020-10:0
  • 10/1/2020-11:30
  • The Season of Creation is a time to renew our relationship with our Creator and all creation through celebration, conversion, and commitment. During the season, we join our sisters and brothers in the global Christian family in prayer and action for our common home.Time: 10:00 - 11:30 PDT
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  • Waiting for the new Encyclical from Assisi: reflection toward Saint Francis Sunday
  • 10/2/2020-15:0
  • 10/2/2020-16:0
  • In the context of Europe, symbol of the search for beauty in cultural diversity, in a universal brotherhood and an integral ecology on the example of St. Francis, we will reflect, from Assisi, together with speakers of different religions, in view of the signature of the new Encyclical of Pope Francis called “Brother all” on the vigil of St. Francis Sunday. Time: 3pm - 4pm CEST
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  • Global Ecumenical Online Prayer Service to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis and the closing of the Season of Creation
  • 10/4/2020-20:0
  • 10/4/2020-21:0
  • As we close the Season of Creation, join Christian leaders from around the globe as we celebrate the fruits of the season and reflect on our next steps together in caring for our common home. Time: 20:00 BST
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  • Misa Laudato Si'
  • 10/4/2020-10:0
  • 10/4/2020-11:0
  • Te esperamos en la Misa Laudato Si' en esta fiesta de San Francisco de Asís a través del Facebook del Movimeinto Católico Mundial por el Clima: Time: 10:00-11:00 GTM-5
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  • 10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture. Climate Justice Globally: Now and for the Future
  • 10/7/2020-19:0
  • 10/7/2020-21:0
  • The 10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture, on 7 October 2020, provides a platform for two of the world’s most relevant young voices for climate justice to provide leadership for a better future. Greta Thunberg, 17, and Vanessa Nakate, 23, will address the subject: Climate Justice Globally, Now and for the Future. More info here:
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