10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture will focus on climate justice

The 10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture, titled “Climate Justice Globally: Now and for the Future,” will take place on 7 October online. Featured speakers will include 23-year-old Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda who has been leading a drive for justice related to race, media representation and climate justice; and internationally-known Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

It’s time for Europe to lead a just transition, panel of experts agrees

Europe can and must do better for its people and the world in leading a just transition, a panel of global experts told hundreds of attendees on Thursday during a Season of Creation webinar.

Lifting creation care to the top in Washington, D.C.

Parishioners and clergy at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle make sure to minister to the homeless, as well as the sick and the homebound. The Washington, D.C., community also prides itself on raising its voice for social justice on an array of other issues, including for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hope-filled ‘LaudatoSi’fic Art’ project produces 34 inspiring drawings

Cristian has teamed up with artists from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador to make 34 drawings about the Season of Creation, one for each day of the annual celebration of prayer and action for our common home.

In Brazil, uniting with other faiths for the Season of Creation

Roberto (Beto) M. Barbosa of Brazil is putting his Laudato Si’ Animator training to use during the Season of Creation to help Brazilians care for our common home.

Shaping mindsets, strengthening community, ‘for the sake of ecology’

Indonesian church leader Batara Sihombing reflects on an eco-theology project (LWI) – An eco-theology initiative in Indonesia is changing local perceptions about human responsibility toward creation and strengthening interfaith and community bonds. As Christians...

Thousands unite for ‘Just Transition for Latin America’

Thousands of people from around the world drew inspiration for a “Just Transition for Latin America, the Continent of Hope” during the recent Season of Creation webinar titled by that name.

7 ways to safely join the Global Day of Climate Action

The COVID-19 pandemic forced online many climate strikes during recent months. But “Fridays for Future” has called for a Global Day of Climate Action on Friday 25 September, and strikes and demonstrations in line with pandemic safety recommendations are scheduled to take place around the world.

Freed for the freedom to do that which is loving

Meditation during the Season of Creation 2020 By Rev. Dr. Chad Rimmer, Program Executive in the LWF Department for Theology, Mission and Justice "Romans 14:1-12": Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. One person’s faith allows...

‘We are on your side,’ Cardinal Hollerich tells climate-striking youth

The Catholic Church stands with youth around the world who will participate in climate strikes on Friday 25 September, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich said in a video.

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