Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich
The Catholic Church stands with youth around the world who will participate in climate strikes on Friday 25 September, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich said in a video.

The Archbishop of Luxembourg said the climate strikes are “something very good” for creation, especially as the global Christian family comes together for the month long Season of Creation, which concludes 4 October, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.

“We see a generation which takes responsibility for their future, and I think as a Church we have to support these generous young people. We are on your side. We want you to be happy in our common home, which would be your home,” Hollerich said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved online many climate strikes during recent months. But the school strike movement “Fridays for Future,” led by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, has called for a global climate action day on 25 September.

Strikes and demonstrations in line with pandemic safety recommendations are scheduled to take place around the world. In places where in-person protests are still not feasible, people are encouraged to continue raising their voices online.

Hollerich said the world’s youth and all people have much to celebrate during the ecumenical Season of Creation.

“There is so much in it: the love of God for each human being, a very personal, strong love, and God has put us, has given us a common home,” said Hollerich, who is also a member of the Global Catholic Climate Movement Advisory Council.

“He has given us a garden to live in, and in worldwide fraternity, we have to inhabit this world with a joyful heart and preserve it for the next generations.”

Watch Cardinal Hollerich’s full message below