At an online event on Monday, June 5, the Celebration Guide for the Season of Creation 2023 was launched as part of World Environment Day. For the first time in the history of this ecumenical event, the Celebration Guide was launched in several languages simultaneously, giving communities around the world the opportunity to start preparing for this year’s celebration in advance.

During the gathering, mention was made of Pope Francis’ message for Creation Day, September 1, which was launched last May 25 during Laudato Si’ Week, as a powerful preparatory tool for the Season of Creation, along with the Celebration Guide.

Religious leaders representing the Season of Creation Committee participated in the gathering. Kevin John Maddela, of United Methodist Church and member of the SOC Youth Committee, kicked off the gathering, introducing the space; then Rev. Rachel Mash, of the Green Anglicans and co-chair of the SOC Steering Committee, led the opening prayer, with the official SOC 2023 prayer.

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Dr. Louk Andrianos, of the World Council of Churches and member of the SOC Steering Committee, introduced the letter from the religious leaders, with a message from the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches. Christina Leaño, Associate Director, Laudato Si’ Movement, then introduced the theme and symbol of the Season of Creation 2023: ” Let justice and peace flow”, and “a mighty river”.

Dr. Paulo Ueti, of the Anglican Alliance and member of the SOC Advisory Committee, then presented the various parts of the Celebration Guide and gave various tips on how to use the resources contained in the guide.

Afterwards, Patricia Mungcal, from the National Council of Churches in the Philippines and Co-Chair of the ACT Alliance global youth fellowship, gave a testimony on the ecological crisis in her country and provided a message of hope for the celebration of the Season of Creation.

Finally, Suzana Moreira, of Laudato Si’ Movement, Co-Chair of the SOC Steering Committee and the SOC Youth Committee, shared a video to encourage and inspire people to participate in the Season of Creation. She also urged participants to be creative in organizing different events in their own communities, using the resources available on the website.

To download the Season of Creation Celebration Guide, visit the website.