“Fire is light. Light is other than us. It is another creature that reflects the distance between us and God. The great bonfires of the Feast of Booths, which were lit in the temple of Jerusalem, are symbols “of the last day” or the fullness of time towards which the story of creation returns. They also evoke the New Jerusalem which no longer  depends on the light of the sun or the stars but shines with the light of God and the shining glory that is Jesus.  Fire is also heat that evokes the closeness of God and his presence within us. It envelops us, embraces us, it is solidarity, brotherhood and love. Fire is  a force for change (MT 7, 19 :”Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.“). The tree is thrown into the fire to be reborn. Fire is a deep break that tears apart the walls caused by our disappointments and betrayals. It is the forgiveness of God the Father who through repenting in confession, burns the old  to give back the new .  Fire  is the Spirit of God who gives life (LC 12,49:”I have come to bring fire on the earth“). With this spirit we prepare for the diocesan events that we are organizing on September 1st with the animation of Sunday masses.”Simone Giovanni Formenti, Baccanello’s Laudato Si’ Circle

In the words of the Animators and Laudato Si ‘Circles, we are all invited to continue preparing activities during  these summer weeks for the Season of Creation,  Like every other year it will begin on September 1st and end on October 4th. This year’s theme is “Listen to the Voice of Creation” and the symbol is “The burning bush”.To learn more about the history of this ecumenical event and this year’s theme click here.

“Last year the Holy Masses in the various Parishes of Busto united the Circle and allowed the messages of the Encyclical to be shared. For 2022 the theme of listening should be promoted through advertising, messaging and information. Suggestions to consider are: silence, interiority, rediscovered sobriety, listening to the voice of creation and wounded humanity.” -Camilla Milano, Circolo Busto Arsizio’s Laudato Si’ Circle

“In recent years I  participated in several online meetings where  the issues of integral ecology were central. While preparing  for the social week that took place in Taranto last year all discussions again  focused on integral ecology. It was nice to have had the opportunity to see how a topic so very dear to the Laudato Si ‘Movement was at the center of the attention of various Catholic groups and movements. What particularly struck me was that we can truly be the  connection between the various lay associations and movements that promote the message of hope that Pope Francis expressed in Laudato Si’. If everything is connected then each Laudato Si’ Circle can make a big contribution so that all groups can work together for the common good of the earth. This experience, albeit done online, was essential to get to know each other and integrate with each local reality and to be the spokesperson for the message of LAUDATO SI’. We bring this awareness by organizing the September activities with the Circle and with the diocesan realities.” Antonio Augimeri, Monti Tifatini’s Laudato Si’ Circle 

We collect the stories from our Animators who with their experience, teach us that each of us are essential in our own locality. We can do this by being of service to the church in bringing the message of Laudato Si’ to more and more people and encouraging the faithful to pray for our planet by listening to the cry of the earth and the poor.

“Last year there was very positive collaboration in Susa and Mompantero between the Diocesan Commissions for Social Pastoral Care and Ecumenism and Dialogue. Bishop Nosiglia was in attendance. All the associations of the Valle di Susa that deal with migrants, poverty, work, the environment and lonely people also participated. The Season of Creation is excellent for praying not only for the earth, but for the various aspects of integral ecology. We share the great success of these events. During the year this activity was further developed by monitoring environmental damage  in the  Tav Mompantero Shipyard. This year we are  continuing the  collaboration with the Diocesan Commissions and proposals for the Season of Creation with the new Bishop Roberto Repole.” Paolo Anselmo, Laudato Si’ Circle Vallesusa

“This was our “first-time” Circle experience. We share a theme that represents one of the focuses of Laudato Si’ “The Earth is our home”.Together’ with the parishes of Riozzo and Cerro (following on from the Grest experience) we are choosing and managing  activities in a better way. Some ideas include: Carrying out cultural activities with texts with an ecological theme by Saint Francis and other contemporary writers and poets, Taking ideas and inspiration from  beautiful reflections, Watching the film Anamei and Oikos Cards and we would also like to organize a pilgrimage to Assisi.” Emanuela Oldani, Riozzo’s Laudato Si’ Circle

It is always very exciting for us to see the creativity of our Animators who express themselves by  using the aids that are provided and then adapt them to their daily realities.

“Last year we dedicated ourselves to Pope Francis’ petition during a conference in which we explained the contents of the petition and the meaning of the Season of Creation. We then continued to collect signatures in the parishes every Sunday in September. There was then a second conference in November at the end of COP 26. This year we are preparing an event entitled “Mother Earth, brothers and sisters all together” with three other associations in our area which deal with organic agriculture, recycling and reuse and fair trade.” –Anna Maria Facchini, Desenzano’s Laudato Si’ Circle

New Animators also treasure the first community experiences and by teaming up to listen to each other they plan the September activities.

“I have been an Animator for a few months and the only experience I have had has been participating in the Laudato Si’ Week (during which I collaborated with the Palermo’s Circle for a  Laudato Si’ Mass) and in a march against the mafia on the anniversary of the death of Judge Falcone. During the national online meeting of group leaders, I got my World Association of Christian Meditation involved, talking about Laudato Si’ and praying the Earth Prayer together. This year I would like to take an ecological walk in a protected area, park or nature reserve, to contemplate, describe naturalistically (taking advantage of my professional training as director of nature reserves) and pray together.”Amelia Giordano, Palermo’s Laudato Si’ Circle

It is very nice to see the enthusiasm and involvement, all over the world, of so many Animators and faithful who are engaged in the paths of the church. Each with their own language, their own talents and creativity can generate processes that then develop during  the year  along  the common path. This promotes the activities and the charism of the local church while always aware of being part of a stupendously constructed mosaic.

Finally, if you plan to involve your church and local community in this particular program throughout the month of September and would like to prepare a calendar of events rather than a single event have a look at  the experience carried out in Assisi last year by clicking on the following link (IT).

Would you like to organize an event? In the Celebration Guide you can also find some simple ideas and tutorials on what activities may be suitable for your community.

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