We are halfway into the Season of Creation, this season of action and prayer for the care of creation, an ecumenical time to gather with our Christian brothers and sisters, and also to connect with Mother Earth.

But how to live a truly sustainable Season of Creation? There are many and very diverse ways, related to inner and outer sustainability. Each person will have to discern, according to their state of life, the one that best suits them.

Today we suggest six ways, inspired by the commitments that the members of the Secretariat of the Laudato Si’ Movement are making for this Season of Creation:

  • Meditate 15 minutes every morning

Before starting with each day’s obligations, take 15 minutes to meditate and pray to connect with God and nature, and give thanks for another day of life. If it is outdoors and in silence, so much the better. You can also use tools to help you, such as rereading Laudato Si’ or going to the Laudato Si’ Movement Prayer Book .

  • Don’t make unnecessary purchases

We are surrounded by things we don’t really need. Make a resolution to live for a few days with what is necessary. Reuse and recycle things you find in your home and go to second hand stores if you need a specific product. 

  • Take a daily walk

Connecting with nature (even if you live in a city) and with your own body is essential to be in harmony with the spirit. Take the opportunity to contemplate and give thanks for what surrounds you. Going for a walk, jogging or cycling will disconnect you from the pressures of the day and connect you more with yourself.

  • Encourage your family and friends to recycle.

You may have already gotten into the good habit of recycling or composting. Now it’s your turn to “evangelize” others with these actions that help us take care of our common home and ourselves.

  • Share content about the Season of Creation on social media

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of content on social media, and sometimes get caught in a “scroll addiction”, take advantage of this space to share educational content about the Season of Creation or about climate justice and the need to be aware of the serious era we are living in.

  • Prepare vegetarian recipes

Implement vegetarian recipes in your menu more often. Avoid processed foods and meats. Be conscious of what you consume, alienating body, mind and spirit.